From: Jonathan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
From: Suresh V <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

>In your script you could access the catalog as follows:
>    afolder = context.restrictedTraverse('folderA/folderB/'+someLocalFolder)   
>  # pass 'someLocalFolder' as a parameter
>    catalog = afolder.Catalog    # assuming you have named your ZCatalog 
> 'Catalog'

The problem with this, is that this script is used at the base of a portal with 
several different Web sites, therefore, the root folder of each is different.

>And where is mycontext defined? You will need a tal:define="mycontext here" or 

I added the following:

<div align="center" 
       tal:define="mycontext here"

...but that didn't seem to help any:

Error Type: KeyError
Error Value: 'hasSearchEngine(mycontext)'

Concerning your comment about the except, this script was written by an 
employee of mine. I'm now picking up where he left off. I cleaned it up ;)

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