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>The script routine doesn't have to be located in root.  traverse_subpath is 
>populated using the names of all subfolders that occur after the script file 
>name in 
>the URL.  So if your URL is:  
>then scriptA will receive a traverse_subpath variable (in REQUEST namespace) 
>that contains ['folderB', 'folderC'].  Note: this will not work if there are 
>any other >scripts, DMTL methods etc in the URL after 'scriptA'.

I figured out what I was doing wrong. Apparently, the script needs to be called 
*before* the folders. I had put it at the end. Okay, that works, so now how do 
I incorporate it? I'm running into trouble here. I've rewritten the following 
line several times, and several times gotten it wrong. Perhaps you could steer 
me right?

<div align="center" 
       tal:define="mycontext python:`here.traverse_subpath`"


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