Here's what I think I know (though I could be wrong):

- The pool size is the number of ZODB connections maintained.
- It should be at least as high as the number of zserver threads + 1 I
- I use zserver threads 6 and pool_size 10, works fine.
- zserver threads is basically a measure of how many concurrent requests
you want your server to be able to handle, by default, it's 4 (and pool
size 7 IIRC?).
- The downside is you have to balance this with the cache size, since
the cache size is per thread ... So your RAM usage could go up


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On 1/15/07, Brian Sullivan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I am having a problem with zope 2.9.4 occasionally pegging the CPU and

> thereafter being unusable -- there are some indications in the event 
> log that this is related to "pool_size" being too small.
> Lacking any other strategy to determine the cause of the problem, I am

> considering experimenting increasing "pool_size" to see what effect it

> has. A search returns some inprecise information on how to do this. My

> understanding is that this can be modified in the zope.conf for the 
> instance. Can anybody give me precise information on modifying this 
> parameter or point me to a concise resource on configuring the zodb in

> general,

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