Ugh. JS redirects create problems with the search engines. What I really want 
to do is "fill the hole in the doughnut", to use a radio advertising term. That 
is, I have code before the page data referenced below, and I have code after 
it. I want to write the stuff referenced below into the "hole". What's a good 
way to do this?
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> Hi; 
> I have a Web site I'm building a shopping cart for that is built with a 
> basic site template and an iframe where all the page-by-page info goes. I 
> need to redirect the iframe to the address below, but when I use the 
> current incantation, it replaces not just the iframe but the whole page! 
> Can someone suggest a better idea? This is a python script: 
> request = container.REQUEST 
> response = request.RESPONSE 
> response.redirect(request.BASE0 + 
> '/EMarket/Our_Store/' + category) TIA, 
This will of course redirect the whole page including all contents. 
You have to use Javascript. 
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