Thanks ;) but it's no really what I want sorry

I work like that :
|ZMI(zope 2.7)                    |
|                                 |
|Product : Document, my_product...| Export script
|                                 |--------------> A file with all data
|_________________________________|                of product (text)

________________________           Import script       |
|ZMI(zope2.9)          |<-------------------------------
|Product : Document,.. |           (reindexObject)
|                      |

So, the export script copy all data of a product in a text file (whit accessor : getID,etTitle, getText...). Each line of this file is the datas of a product, next lines are other products.

The import script run very well, I transform each line of the text file to a correspondant product as zope2.7. But I want put each new product in the same repertory as zope 2.7. So how say to each product in my import script where it must be copy.

This import script:
             id = self.generateUniqueId('J_product')
             self.invokeFactory('J_product', id)
             mct = getattr(self, id)


             ## add images ##
             im = recup_image(mesimages,compteur,"")
             if im != 'no_image':

             self.portal_workflow.doActionFor(mct,"publish", comment="")

My subject is reindexObject because I think it's this function that put the new Object (product) in ZMI. I don't know :s

Maybe I should make a line like that : mct.setDirectory("/SITES/plone_mySite/repertory1/")

repertory1 is where I want put the object (I have in my text file generated with export script, the url of each product).

So, It's nothing if nobody understand ;) but I would like.

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