I am trying execute binary programs from zope. Once I achieve it, I will can execute binary programs for send jobs into the Grid throght DRMAA binary programs that it tie with GridWay. After that, GridWay tie with Globus but I don't want to conect with Globus directly.

I will go to see the Virtual Hosting and Python library.

best regards

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Subject: RE: [Zope] zope & cgi
Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2007 14:56:14 -0400

If what you mean is you want to be able to execute HTTP requests to other CGI's or run system commands, then this isn't Zope specific.
Look in the Python standard library chapter 6.1.5 "Process Management", or 11.5 urllib2 "extensible library for opening URLs".
Beyond that, you WILL need to write python code to glue your Zope components and templates to those third-party programs.
Are you trying to tie Zope and Globus?

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I want to use cgi because I have to do a Grid Portal. I want to use Zope for the web interface and then conect Zope with cgi for execute system command and call to binary programs.

Could I do it with mod_proxy? Can you recommend me any manual for configure mod_proxy with zope?

best regards

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Subject:  Re: [Zope] zope & cgi
Date:  Fri, 08 Jun 2007 20:25:14 +0200
>--On 8. Juni 2007 20:19:10 +0200 sergio diaz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>>I want to use cgi under zope. I saw a zope product called zcgi but
>>don't know how run this. I have added the product but now I don't
>>how to work with it.
>Welcome in the stoneage. Running Zope behind Apache is supported
>mod_proxy and using rewrite rules. CGI/FastCGI support is
>DON'T use it. If you want to use it, give use three very good

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