Thanks you guys,

Indeed, I just 'copy & paste' the javascript code from php to my zpt
and voilĂ , it worked. Sorry for bothering you guys with such a simple
question, but at first I was wondering zope would have something more
interesting, never mind.

Many thanks.


On 14/06/07, Maciej Wisniowski <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I have a web page with some buttons (<form action=...) to perform some
> action (by calling a python script). However, some actions (like
> 'delete' a picture for example) I would like to warn user before
> performing it. I recall from php how to pop up a window (or a drop
> down in Mac OSX) with a warning message prompting a 'Yes' or 'No'
> confirmation and I was wondering how would I do it with Zope, with an
> example if possible.
If you've opened pop up window "with php" then in fact it had to be
JavaScript. Possibly you're looking form something like:

if (confirm("Do you really want to remove this picture"))
    return true
return false

which may be used with onsubmit event of form object. Of course
this is javascript code not python.

Maciej Wisniowski

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