Hi everyone, I've used Universal Feed Parser to parse an RSS feed. Then used these instructions below to get the parsed data into Zope via an External Method. Everything seems to work fine except that I keep getting an error whenever I try to access a key from the returned data. The resulting data is returned as a dictionary and if I render it as is it works fine, however in both ZPT and DTML, when trying to access a key, for instance "feed" or "href" from the dictionary I'm prompted to login, which I'm unable to do with my admin login. After hitting cancel I get a Key Error that says You are not able to access 'href' (or whatever) in this context. Is there any way to somehow let Zope know that this data is 'ok'? Thanks in advance.


- Zope 2.5.x (developed and tested with Zope 2.5.1, but other minor versions should work as well)

- feedparser.py 3.0 (http://diveintomark.org/projects/feed_parser/) developed and tested with 3.0 beta 22, the latest version


1. Installing feedparser.py

1.1. Unzip the archive (preserving path names) into /Zopesite/bin/lib/

1.2. open a command prompt window and go to /Zopesite/bin/lib/ feedparser/

1.3. enter the command (sans quotes): '..\..\python setup.py install'

1.4. after installation, enter the command: '..\..\python feedparsertest.py'

1.5. wait for testing to complete. On my laptop, 2051 tests ran in 118.481s

2. Installing the external method

2.1 place the newsfeed.py module in the /Zopesite/Extensions/ directory
2.2 Add an external method to your zope site with an id and Module of 'newsfeed', and a function of 'parsefeed'

3. Installing the feed template

3.1 Add a Page template to your Zope site with the contents of the nprnews.pt Page Template

3.2 examine the generic template rendering of NPR News, all fields from the feed should be available."
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