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David Bear wrote:
I'm doing my first zeo setup, and suddenly I'm not sure about my
products directory. Do I put all products in a products directory of
the zeo server or in each zope instance?

Normally the ZEO server doesn't need to have access to the products,
which are "application code". The only exception is for products which
define classes having application-level conflict resolution:  in such
cases, the ZEO server must be able to import the product (or else the
conflict resolution code is not consulted).

As an additional note:

  Zope uses Python import magic to make packages available
  in "INSTANCE_HOME/Products" as additional products in
  the "Products" package.

  If some of these products need application specific conflict
  resolution, the ZEO server needs to activate this
  import magic -- by importing Zope's "App.FindHomes".



Apologies for jumping late in this thread but how precisely should "App.FindHomes" be imported?

And a related question. Any suggestions on how to support multiple product directories like a non-zeo config? I checked already and zeo.conf doesn't appear to support the "products" directive.


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