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Ricardo Newbery wrote:

Another related question.  With respect to conflict resolution, is is
safe to assume that products (with _p_resolveConflict methods) in the
main Zope products directory are already available to the ZEO server
without any special configuration?

Only if you installed the ZEO server instance from a Zope software; if you installed it via a "ZODB-only" installation, then the products won't be available (because they aren't shipped with the standalone ZODB tarball).

Thanks. Okay, then assuming you've installed ZEO from Zope software, if your third-party product includes conflict resolution by instantiating a class defined in the Zope product directory, then is it also safe to assume that this product resolution is still available to the ZEO server? For example, if I have the following in MyProduct:

from BTrees import Length

class MyClass(...):
    _count = None

    def incrementCount(self):
        if self._count is None:
            self._count = Length.Length()

    def getCount(self):
        return self._count()

Then do I have to make MyProduct.MyClass available to ZEO or is it enough that BTrees.Length is available?


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