OK, I have now done the upgrade the "right" way, by copying add-in products and data.fs from zope 2.8.8 instance to 2.9.8 instance (on debian 4.0).

I still have the same problem occurring. StructuredDocument content that contains curly quotes, curly apostrophes, and some accented (French) chars (and maybe others I haven't spotted yet) is not displaying those chars correctly (they show up as hollow block, black diamond "?", etc. depending on browser).

My assumption is that something has changed in character set handling/publishing between 2.8.8 and 2.9.8. I know nothing about zope char set handling (if that's even the right term) - it's never been an issue before. As mentioned the zope.conf settings for default-zpublisher-encoding are left at the default (iso-8859-15) in both instances. 2.8.8 was installed from source. 2.9.8 was installed by the plone 2.5.5 unified installer.

I would appreciate any leads on where/how to start fixing this.

John S.

John Schinnerer wrote:

I am in the process of moving from zope 2.8.8 to zope 2.9.8 (running on debian 4.0).

I am transferring individual zope sites from 2.8.8 instance to 2.9.8 instance via export/import. So far everything is fine except...

I have some content in StructuredDocument objects that includes text with some accented French characters, and some of the curly quotes (the 6--9 quotes) and "real" apostrophes and that sort of thing. They are not displaying correctly in the 2.9.8 zope - they show up as whatever symbol the browser uses to say "oops, can't display this correctly."

Both zopes are running on my dev system and I'm looking with all the same browsers so it seems it must be something to do with zope handling the characters (or not).

The zope.conf settings for default-zpublisher-encoding are left at the default (iso-8859-15) in both instances, if that is relevant.

I've never had any problem like this before, such as in previous upgrades of 2.7.x to 2.8.x. I don't even know where to look, aside from the zope.conf setting above which is the same in both cases.

Any ideas why this is happening?
Any help appreciated!

John S.

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