Thanks Chris.
Seeing tons of squid messages about the new msnbot....and it is not following our robots.txt directive. In fact, I have even disallowed it completely and it still goes where it wants. And the updated version was supposed to have been released end of last week....about the time our zeo clients started pegging 99%.

Chris Withers wrote:

Allen Schmidt Sr. wrote:

Running logtail on a ZEO client, I am seeing lots of these.
And our two public clients are pegging the server at 99% almost continuously. Not sure why.

2008-04-01T09:54:09 ERROR(200) ZServer uncaptured python exception, closing channel <ZServer.HTTPServer.zhttp_channel connected at 0xb63d7a6c channel#: 800 requests:4> (socket.error:(104, 'Connection reset by peer')

This exception is annoying in that it's pretty meaningless.
Clients disconnecting midway through may be quite a normal thing and it's annoying there's no way to catch this exception if you want to.

In your case, I'd guess that your load has recently gone way up (maybe a search engine spider, some other spider of people with M$ Office installed hammering your site for webdav requests) but I wouldn't worry about these...



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