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> Hi,
>  I need to open and display an HTML file in zope.For that I uploaded the
> file as DTML document and tried to retrieve it from a page template.this
> is code which i wrote for this:      

> tal:replace="here/PH226">this  will             

>  'PH226' is the name of my uploaded file.

This will only work if the PH226 can be _aquired_ from your current context 
object (check with "The Zope Book 2.7 edition" about _ACQUISITION_ - one of 
the Zope core concepts.

>  If i need to display more than one file at a time wht should i do?i
> tried to modify my code for displaying the files which is selected by the
> user thru' a form.But it didn't work: This is the piece of code which i
> used

>   this
> will    

Acquisition also applies here.

tal:replace="python: getattr(context, x)"

An alternative to acquisition for getting an object is traveral 

I strongly recommend reading the basic Zope documentation first in order to 
understand how acquistion works.


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