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On Wednesday 09 July 2008, Tino Wildenhain wrote:
William Heymann wrote:
> I am trying to integrate a webcamera with a site and I can get it to > POST > the data to a certain url on the server the problem is I can't figure > out
> how to get access to the data. It is not in REQUEST.form
> the relevant request vars are
> ('CONTENT_LENGTH', '111695')
> ('CONTENT_TYPE', 'image/jpeg')
> filename="image01-07-29_05-54-26-96.jpg"')
> This is being posted to a python script object inside zope, however if > I
> need to use an external method that is not a problem I just need to
> figure out how to get the data.

If the file is posted as attachment (similar to file upload) it should
appear in the relevant form element as file. You can just use the method
.read() on it to get the data (or feed it into factory of image/file)

Unfortunately it is now showing up in REQUEST.form, it is not a POST like what you get with a file upload from a form. Zope is showing that the correct size
of data was sent to that page.

For this to work the data needs to be sent as
enctype="multipart/form-data" (hopefully the cam does this).

It was not sent with that kind of encoding at least not in any way I can tell. It was a webcam and all I could give it was a url to POST the data to and it
did not submit it like a regular form.

Maybe you send all variables of the request to figure out.


You need to provide more details... try dumping the contents of REQUEST and posting them as was suggested earlier.


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