Can you use ftp or webdav, that may be easier, this would take care  of 
mimetypes without having to move to a lower level.  It depends on the 
capabilities of your camera but not knowing the model there is limited help.

  I had an Axis camera, that ran embedded linux and had a built in python web 
server (boa) which I used to get an image from the camera every 5 seconds 
replacing the previous image for viewing from our WEB site.  And, I had to 
put the image directly on the file system and use the Local File System 
product for Zope to access it because it was always downloaded under the same 
file name and putting it in Zope directly quickly filled up the hard drive 
because of the undo option, a learning experience.

It's been so long ago I don't remeber all of the details.


On Wednesday 09 July 2008 00:16, William Heymann wrote:
> I am trying to integrate a webcamera with a site and I can get it to POST
> the data to a certain url on the server the problem is I can't figure out
> how to get access to the data. It is not in REQUEST.form
> the relevant request vars are
> ('CONTENT_LENGTH', '111695')
> ('CONTENT_TYPE', 'image/jpeg')
> filename="image01-07-29_05-54-26-96.jpg"')
> This is being posted to a python script object inside zope, however if I
> need to use an external method that is not a problem I just need to figure
> out how to get the data.
> Thanks
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