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 Daniel Nouri wrote:

> The solution to this one is quite simple: Use virtualenv with
> --no-site-packages and then use bin/python to run

 Ok, thanks. How do I deploy such a thing? I guess virtualenv then has
 to run by the one setting up his development sandbox? What files
 can/need to be in subversion? (I never used virtualenv before, only

 So my main question is probably: Is there a way to automate the
 process of installing and running virtualenv similar to what does for buildout so that people do not need to care
 about the virtualenv part?

Use a clean custom built Python.

I myself am using this but the opinion of the rest of the group is that it should be as easy as possible to get going without the need to compile custom Pythons etc. I actually second this because losing potential co-developers directly at the beginning would be bad. (I think this is also one the ideas behind buildout: To make setting these things up as easy as possible).

So maybe there is a way to solve this :)

-- Christian

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