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Hi all.

I need to generate a large XML file inside a Zope application; the
file is for backup purposes, so it is stored on the server and can be
downloaded later with whatever suitable tool.

The data are taken from a database, and then they are used to create
the XML. I assume there will be between 40.000 and 100.000 rows to be

I thought i could use page template for this purpose, but I'm not sure
if it is possible to send the output from a pt to a file, directly. Of
course, this is a problem which can be easily solved.

If you're using Zope 2.10 or higher, you can either use the "native"  ZPT
implementation from Zope 3 (see zope.pagetemplate module) or you use the
Zope 2 implementation (which is basically only a wrapper around the Z3
implementation). In this case you might look at the unittests in
testZopePageTemplates.py or otherwise you check the doctests of


Thanks, Andreas. I'm using Zope 2.8, here (yes, I know it is old
software; yes, I know, I should switch; yes, I will do soon, I promise
:-) ))

In Zope 2.8 you could use the ZopePageTemplate class. Something like

pt = ZopePageTemplate()
xml = pt.pt_render(...)

should work. The unit tests (or the code) should show you how to specify text/xml as mime-type and how to pass the options/parameters to the template.


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