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> Garito wrote at 2008-10-11 16:37 +0200:
> >In my country, Spain, there are a very high difference between the price
> it
> >cost a tomato when you buy it to the farmer that if you buy it on the
> store.
> >Why? Because of the intermediaries
> Sure. But sometimes intermediaries are helpful.

Not in this case

> I, e.g., would be unable to buy spanish tomatoes (or strawberries)
> in Germany without intermediaries.

This is internet, we don't need any kind of intermediary to achieve our
needs. You could choose more than one technique to do the job, not only KSS

> >In my opinion KSS is an intermediary who raises the work that the computer
> >needs to do to retrieve a response and more if we put the non intrusive
> >javascript techniques on the table
> >
> >Sorry but I love minimalism and KSS is anything but minimalism
> Sure, intermediaries have a price -- but often, they also add value.

Not in this case: you could do the same without KSS

> KSS, e.g., allows you to update individual portlets or menues
> without reloading the complete page. This may reduce the work
> computers must do. This can be done with other (JS-based) techniques
> as well. However in addition, KSS handles the case with/without JS
> in a transparent way.
> As my colleagues intensively fight (and put much work into it)
> with our requirment "must work with and without JS",
> I find this quite attractive.

I'm doing this since the begining with gmail. do gmail use kss? no. There
are a lot of people doing non-untrosive javascript without KSS

This is the real case: the computer needs to do 2 passes to achieve the real
result. Without KSS you create the non AJAX page and if the client has
javascript make the transformation. With KSS there are another pass to do
the same

Not to much minimalism, isn't it?

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