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2008/10/8 Tino Wildenhain <[EMAIL PROTECTED] <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>>

    Garito wrote:

        Perhaps is better if I explain you what I'm trying to do

        Imagine a Plone site (I know there are a plone list but this is
        a generic question, sorry if not)

        I configure it in the way if you put a parameter ?print the
        plone point renders as when you push the print button at the
        bottom of the point

        For example: plone_site_url/front-page?print renders the plone
        front page with the print.css sytle

        Now I want to get the rendered code of this point as string to
        pass it to PDFNode.renderAsPdf (it expect a string with the HTML
        and the name of the generated pdf)

        Did you know how can I get the html code of an url with get

    just context['front-page'](print=True) ?

Perhaps but this puts print on options/args/print or options/print in the page_template scope, isn't it?

In my way to solve this I use request/form/print because plone_css use tal expressions and request is passed to it

This would be very ugly. However in this case just set context.REQUEST
or context.REQUEST.form accordingly


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