No your response and Jens response are totally inappropriate. We will never
rebuild this community if all our posts are greeted with personal attacks.
Using plone for the said usecase is not inappropriate especially since using
a directory view does not require using all of plone.

Please keep your arguments reasonable and focused on the technology or the
management of that technology.

On Sat, Mar 28, 2009 at 12:37 PM, Andreas Jung <> wrote:

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> On 28.03.2009 14:32 Uhr, Tim Nash wrote:
> >> Installing Plone in such a case is only the solution if one has no
> > better idea about doing things
> >
> > *sigh* ...and people wonder why the zope community is dying.
> >
> > I have my very reasonable way of using zope/plone and personal attacks
> > are not going to change my mind.
> It basically about looking left and right and choosing the right tool
> for a problem. Installing Plone for your usecase is totally inadequate.
> It's like driving with a tank to the supermarket around the corner for
> buying a banana.
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