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| No your response and Jens response are totally inappropriate. We will never
| rebuild this community if all our posts are greeted with personal attacks.

You're not going to "rebuild" any community if given a choice of two
items, they're told to install the largest most complicated of them.

| Using plone for the said usecase is not inappropriate especially since using a
| directory view does not require using all of plone.

Yes, Jens failed to factor in ideology and laziness into the use-case.

| Please keep your arguments reasonable and focused on the technology or the
| management of that technology.


LocalFS works. It's small. It does the task that was asked for. There
are various patches around that increase its performance to close to that 
of serving static content directly out of Apache.

Serving from Apache works. It's external to Zope. It does the task that
was asked for, but, can't be managed from inside Zope or it requires the
Zope install to share a filesystem with Apache (to manage from zope).

Plone works. It's huge. It's complicated. It does 1000x more things than 
was asked for and is not a solution that should be recommended to simply 
serve files from the file system.

Get a grip. You might want to install plone to do it, but, 99 times out
of 100 that isn't the correct solution to recommend to *anyone* that
just wants to serve files from the file system.

Andrew Milton
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