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>LocalFS has [not] been updated since 2006.
>There is nothing in the zope world  
>that is as well maintained as plone. Sorry.

I would like to stress that stable packages (those that do not need to
be continously updated) are in fact a quality sign not an indication
of poor maintenance.

"LocalFS" (disclamer: it is not maintained by me) has worked unchanged
across many Zope versions. I am using "LocalFS-1.3.andreas" since march 2005.

For Zope 2.11, I had to make a minor adjustment because the Zope
developers decided to move "OFS.content_types" to "zope.contenttype"
without a redirection from old to new place.
I consider this a Zope weakness not one of "LocalFS".

For Zope 2.12, another minor adjustment will be necessary, because
the Zope developers decided that modules should no longer be imported
from "Globals" but instead from their primary location.

I am very happy about stable packages because I often extend them.

For example, I have extended "LocalFS" to allow configuration of
its instances via environment variables. This allows us to synchronize
our ZODBs in the test and development environments with the production
environment (helpful to perform tests and resolve issues) even though
the file system layout is different.

Fewer updates means fewer merging in of our extensions -- with the
corresponding work and testing.

Of course, you are free to apply different quality criteria....

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