Thanks Niels. Just to clarify:Does my particular instance fall under an OODBMS 
model or a RDBMS model (with ORM if necessary)? 
I will begin by reading the Zope Book. Thanks for your assistance. Appreciate 

> Subject: Re: [Zope] Help in deciding approach to Web App
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> Date: Sun, 4 Dec 2011 09:24:10 +0100
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> Sareesh Sudhakaran <> schrieb:
> >My questions:Will the app be better served with a relational DB like
> >mySQL or an Object database? After a lot of research I've guessed that
> >my particular case might be better served with Python and Zope/ZODB.
> >But I might be wrong? Maybe PHP+mySQL or Django is a better fit?Can
> >anyone provide general advice on how to go about beginning such a
> >project in ZOPE.
> This hardly depends from your data structure, but with Zope you have the 
> option to use ZODB and SQL DBs like MySQL in parallel. Typical relational 
> data should go into a SQLDB while complex / oo Data structures should go into 
> We developed several complex to very complex web based applications - incl. 
> expert systems - on Zope ZODB plus MySQL. I can't believe that someone would 
> be able to solve such issues with PHP/SQL within the same time / ressources.
>  Which is the best place to start learning for a
> >newbie?
> You should start by trying the short zope practice / excercise as described 
> in the Zope book.
> The Zope Book should be the best source for getting into Zope step by step 
> from "nothing". ß)
>  Can anyone recommend a good shared hosting provider that
> >supports Zope fully but is not expensive?
> Looking for "zope hosting" or similiar in google should advice you. Our 
> company - as one of many - offers Zope hosting to.
> Is there a module or app that
> >is open source that I can use to output a graphical flowchart based on
> >the results, or will I be better served programming it from scratch
> >with Python?
> There are different modules as i.e. Python Imaging (PIL) and higher level 
> modules.
> I would appreciate any help in getting started. Thank you
> >in advance. I have tried most online forums but have not good any
> >productive answers. Most of the answers I got were pro-PHP+mySQL.
> Yes, because the peoples did not know anything other solution usually...
> cheers,
> Niels.
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