Review: Needs Fixing

IMHO, path_to_uri.xq / .spec / .xml.res shouldn't be checked in with this 
change, since it's not related to the bug being fixed. path_to_uri.spec isn't 
relevant and shouldn't be checked in at all, since the variable $input-context 
it declares isn't used by path_to_uri.xq.

Also, why are there additional #include <zorba/config.h> lines added? That will 
probably slow builds down (more header dependencies), so if it's not critically 
important it'd be best to leave it out.

Finally, the good news: I confirmed that the change to strings_impl.cpp does 
fix the query regex_a4.xq. (Although, if I can continue being picky, I'd prefer 
to leave regex_a4.xq in the test/rbkt/Queries/zorba/string/AnalyzeString 
directory, rather than adding the new Regex subdirectory there.)
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