Review: Needs Fixing

I get the following error when running the make doc target:
Zorba error [zerr:ZXQD0002]: " Using this module, you can parse JSON data into 
XML, manipulate it like any
 other XML data using XQuery, and serialize the result back as JSON.
 There are many ways to represent JSON data in XML, some loss-less ("round
 tripable") and some lossy ("one way").  Loss-less representations preserve
 the JSON data types <i>boolean</i>, <i>number</i>, and <i>null</i>; lossy
 representations convert all data to strings.
 For a loss-less representation, Zorba implements that proposed by
 <a href=">John Snelson</a>;
 for a lossy representation, Zorba implements
 <a href="";>JsonML</a> (the array form).
": can not parse as XML for xqdoc: loader parsing error: Unescaped '<' not 
allowed in attributes values
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