Review: Needs Fixing

The documentation is missing some examples.
The example section at is a good place 
to get inspired.

Why A chars have a backslash in error code descriptions:
ZJSE0001 if \a $xml is not a document or element node.
ZJSE0002 if \a $xml contains an element that is missing a required attribute.
ZJSE0003 if \a $xml contains an attribute having an illegal value.
ZJSE0004 if \a $xml contains an illegal element.
ZJSE0005 if \a $xml contains an illegal child element for a JSON type.
ZJSE0006 if \a $xml contains an illegal child element.
ZJSE0007 if \a $xml contains an illegal text node.
ZJSE0008 if \a $xml contains an illegal value for a JSON type.
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