> Anyway, Paul, can you help me on one thing please? Can you tell me how I can
> use this ErrorPrinter for warnings too?

An XQueryWarning is just a typedef for XQueryException, so it should just work 

That aside: generally, I don't like to decide for the user how errors should be 
printed.  By putting an error-printer in the public API, you're essentially 
making that decision for them.  If you're going to do that, you could just 
define operator<<(ostream&,ZorbaException const&) and then << would just work.

If you want to set parameters (like XML or indentation), then the nice way to 
do it is via stream manipulators, e.g.:

    // ...
    catch ( XQueryException const &e ) {
      cout << XQueryException::as_xml << XQueryException::indent( 2 ) << e;

You can look at src/util/indent.h for how to do this kind of thing.  The above 
manipulators, however, should be "one-shot" and auto-reset (which is trivial to 
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