1) Nope, the order is correct. It was incorrect before I have reversed them. 
Here is the judgement from the spec: 
Bi is function(Ba_1, Ba_2, ... Ba_N) as Br, Ai is function(Aa_1, Aa_2, ... 
Aa_M) as Ar, where N (arity of Bi) equals M (arity of Ai); subtype(Ar, Br); for 
values of I between 1 and N, subtype(Ba_I, Aa_I) ; 


Function return types are covariant because this rule invokes subtype(Ar, Br) 
for return types. Function arguments are contravariant because this rule 
invokes subtype(Ba_I, Aa_I) for arguments.

The QNAME should indeed be an EQNAME. I'll change it. 

There 1 test failure the remote queue reports seems to be random -- I've also 
seen various Excel tests failing randomly on the /hof branch. I've checked for 
memory errors with valgrind and there were none.

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