Markos, I've fixed the following issues you have reported (with changes merged 
into this branch):

-- Also, the grammar rule for LiteralFunctionItem should use EQNAME, instead of 

I've looked into it and the QNAME production actually covers EQNAMEs. I haven't 
tested it but they should work, as all the other grammar rules use the QNAME 

-- In typeops.cpp:749, you should not be casting AnyFunctionXQType to 


-- is_equal() has not been implemented for function types. If you think it will 
never be called, then at least put an assertion to make sure that it will 
indeed never be called.

I have implemented it.

-- I think we should completely remove the option to enable/disable the HOF 

I have removed it from the features system.

-- There are also several failures in fn-function-lookup and 
misc-HigherOrderFunctions test sets.
Are you aware of these failures?

Yes, I'm aware. As I have said in an e-mail, the remaining failures are caused 
by the function-lookup() which I'm working on. On the other hand, there should 
be no failures in misc-HigherOrderFunctions, unless there are functions which 
use the $$context-position or $$context-size. I'll look into this.

I will update the test/fots/CMakeLists.txt but it will take a while as FOTS has 
no progression registration mechanism as the rbkt testdriver has. 

-- In translator.cpp:3356 what is the reason for the arity checks for fn:number 
and fn:static-base-uri functions?

I've looked into it and also run some tests and seems the checks are indeed 
redundant. I had copied the arity verification from the FunctionCall 
end_visit() translation, see e.g. translator.cpp:10875 in the Trunk branch. 

I have removed those checks.

Your team Zorba Coders is subscribed to branch lp:zorba.

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