> 1) Nope, the order is correct. It was incorrect before I have reversed them.
> Here is the judgement from the spec: http://www.w3.org/TR/xquery-30/#id-
> itemtype-subtype
> --
> Bi is function(Ba_1, Ba_2, ... Ba_N) as Br, Ai is function(Aa_1, Aa_2, ...
> Aa_M) as Ar, where N (arity of Bi) equals M (arity of Ai); subtype(Ar, Br);
> for values of I between 1 and N, subtype(Ba_I, Aa_I) ;
> Note:
> Function return types are covariant because this rule invokes subtype(Ar, Br)
> for return types. Function arguments are contravariant because this rule
> invokes subtype(Ba_I, Aa_I) for arguments.
> --

Yes, you are right, my bad. Actually the rules make sense.

Now here are 2 more comments:

1. In typeops.cpp:749, you should not be casting AnyFunctionXQType to 

2. is_equal() has not been implemented for function types. If you think it will 
never be called, then at least put an assertion to make sure that it will 
indeed never be called. 

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