Tino Wildenhain wrote:
-1 for me. I'd even like to remove python: expressions and
   tal:define because of their constant abuse.

I'm proposing a carrot approach, as opposed to the stick. Personally if ZPT had used the stick approach (e.g., no python: expressions), I wouldn't be using ZPT. I know not everyone agrees -- certainly there's many templating languages where they seem proud of the fact the language isn't very powerful. However, I don't generally get along well with stick-wielding technologists. This has made my relationship with system administrators somewhat rocky at times ;)

Personally, I want Python blocks specifically to decrease the number of python: expressions, and many other related complications, by offering a cleaner alternative to address the same problems. That problem being that that display logic can be very complex, and worthy of a complete programming language. And yet the ZPT/controller barrier isn't about complexity (at least at its best) but about responsibility, and I don't want to push display logic back into my controllers. That's bad for everyone. The alternative would be to create a third layer; the "complex view" layer, as you propose...

+1 would be a solution where you can have one python script
   attached to the Template to prepare things - to have all
   display related code in one place. Just like precondition
   in images/files or as 2nd ZMI tab with pure python code.

Well, that doesn't do much for me specifically, since I'm not using Zope, though of course I could do the same thing relatively easily outside of Zope. E.g., look for a .pt.py file or something. And I might even do that; but I'd still prefer a Python block. I hate piling on lots of layers.

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