On 18/05/05, Ian Bicking <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Well, ZPT is pretty slow moving these days, but there's a feature that
> I'd be interested in.  It's inspired by Kid
> (http://lesscode.org/projects/kid/), which is very similar to ZPT.  In
> it, you can have Python code:
> <?python
>    ...
> ?>

This is precisely why TAL was created - to avoid having code blocks.
Code blocks screw with things such as browsers when you use them
outside of the preprocessor. With TAL I know how my template will look
even when it has the TAL code in it. If I tweak the design I don't
need to maintain a copy with TAL and without TAL, I just have one to
work with.

I would suggest using something other than ZPT if you want
functionality like that. There are plenty of options.

Phillip Hutchings
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