Will Hall wrote:
> yes on my radio show i said that lilly saying critics have picked and 
> chosen which documents to present is like saying that if there are 100 
> pieces of evidence at a crime scene, the prosecutor can't pick the 
> evidence that proves the crime because they are not seeing the whole 
> picture...


It is also quite ironic -


" Yes Lilly, we know that taking data points out of context can be 
misleading. In fact, /this is precisely what we have been concerned your 
salespeople have been doing with your voluminous data on the 
side-effects of zyprexa/! But don't take my word for it - let's hear it 
from a former Lilly salesperson themselves - Zyprexa Drug Rep Speaks Out 
(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nj0LZZzrcrs). In his own words "If you 
torture statistics enough, and they will tell you anything.""
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