I'm trying to install archiva 1.0.1 on Linux as a standalone application
as running in JBoss gives various errors.

The archiva admin guide for standalone installation [0] says

| However, the best way to use this installation technique is to separate
| the configuration from the installation to make it easy to upgrade to
| newer versions in the future.

I tried to follow these steps exactly as explained. However, it seems this
does not work at all.

First, there is no 'data'-directory as mentioned in step 2 (I ignored
this for now).

Second, as archiva should now hold it's data in the PLEXUS_BASE
directory, I thought it shouldn't need to write to the installation
directory (PLEXUS_HOME) which seems not to be true. If write access to
the PLEXUS_HOME directory is denied archiva startup fails. So I granted
write permissions to this directory.

Third, the user- and artifact- database seem to be created in the
installation base (PLEXUS_HOME) and not PLEXUS_BASE, as PLEXUS_HOME now
contains new directories data/archiva and data/users with lots of files
in it.

Has anybody successfully tried to perform a separation of installation
and data in archiva 1.0.1?

Any comments are welcome.

- martin

[0] http://maven.apache.org/archiva/docs/1.0.1/adminguide/standalone.html
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