Glyn Millington wrote:

 > Piet van Oostrum <> writes:
 > > In BBDB 3.1.2 there is no bbdb-define-all-aliases. It should be 
 > > bbdb-mail-aliases, as mentioned in some earlier messages on this list. So 
 > > the wiki should be updated.
 > >
 > > What bbdb-mail-aliases is supposed to do, is to add the mail-aliases
 > > from BBDB to the variable mail-aliases, in addition to those from
 > > .mailrc.
 > Thank you for clarifying that!  That's great.
 > > One other thing that bothers me: If I remember correctly, in BBDB V2 I
 > > could type one of the aliases in the To: field, press TAB and it would
 > > expand to a list of the mail addresses linked to this alias. But that
 > > no longer works. Or is my memory incorrect?
 > Hmmm - your memory is correct (or we share he same false memory!) - for
 > me it worked that way in v2, and still does in v 3 !
So what is your TAB bound to?
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