Christian Egli <> writes:

> Eric Abrahamsen <> writes:
>> Glyn Millington <> writes:
>>> I think Eric's suggestion/hint/encouragement about a bbdb(3) manual is
>>> probably the answer, but I'm not remotely qualified to tackle such a
>>> thing.  I find that Google plus a certain amount of grubbing round in
>>> the source code usually get me there.
>> I wrote about a third of one and then ran out of steam. Maybe I can dig
>> that up and provide it as a start...
> I'm trying to set up my bbdb address book again and in the course of
> that I stumbled upon the manual that comes with the melpa package. This
> prompted me to start a draft for a bbdb manual[1]. Can you please dig up
> the stuff you have so I can merge this with mine so we have at least a
> bare bones manual.

Hmm, I've checked around, and I think the manual was in a branch of a
long-deleted repository. I've got one other computer I can check, but
I'm not optimistic.

I'd be happy to contribute, though!


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