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> On Tue, 28 Apr 2015 at 10:34:32 am BST, Phil Hudson <> 
> wrote:
>> The term "mail alias" itself seems to me to be poorly chosen,

> Replying to myself... I've thought of one, namely Gnus' use of "group"
> (meaning/derived from "newsgroup") for what most MUAs call "mailbox",
> "folder" or "label". So... how about substituting "mailing-list" for
> "mail-alias" throughout?
> Both "list" and "group" lose the sense that "alias" has of being
> applicable to either an individual or a group. Maybe that's a reason for
> keeping "mail-alias". 
> Now I'm leaning toward declaring a matching *-mailing-list-* (Lisp)
> alias for each *-mail-alias-* declaration, without declaring anything
> obsolete. I would add " (that is, a mailing list)" or the moral
> equivalent to each occurrence of "mail alias" in the doc strings.
> This is tricky stuff. I don't want to make things worse with an
> ill-considered change. Maybe I should let it drop for now.

Terminological changes can be tricky, and seem to provoke very long
threads on other emacs-related groups!

I think Eric's suggestion/hint/encouragement about a bbdb(3) manual is
probably the answer, but I'm not remotely qualified to tackle such a
thing.  I find that Google plus a certain amount of grubbing round in
the source code usually get me there.



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