Today I (finally) upgraded to bbdb3, primarily because I want to use Asynk to 
keep .bbdb and google contacts in sync.  So far the bbdb3 upgrade has gone OK.  
A few of my old customizations have to be updated or trashed but I have enough 
elisp experience, however dated, to figure that out.

Unfortunately I can't say the same about python.  I don't know if this is the 
best place to ask about an Asynk problem that is almost certainly user error.  
Please redirect me if it's not.

I was able to create a profile with bbdb and gc using the google oauth 
instructions.  However when I sync it, I end up with every record in google 
duplicated, many, if not all, actually tripled (I did get prompted for gc creds 
twice) and .bbdb ends up being unusable - I didn't keep the error but it 
complained about a record not being a proper list.  Fortunately I know how to 
revert both and have done so.  Given the existence of the credentials file for 
google, is there a recipe for properly setting up a bbdb<->google sync profile 
and running it?

Dave Goldberg

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