Thanks for getting back to me quickly, much appreciated.

On Mon, 2016-05-02 at 10:47 +0100, Klaus Ethgen wrote:
> Hi Russel,
> The one on www.geeqie.org is the main one.

This is the one I currently have a clone of so I will stick with that,
at least for now.
> I do manually sync them one between the other currently. So if you
> have
> a pull request on Github, it will work too currently.

So I guess the Issues on this repository are the official p[lace to
post issues on the code?

> But with git it doesn't really matter which is main and which is
> mirror.
> Both have the same content. (Most of the time)

The "most of the time" is actually the crucial bit in ,any cases, hence
my question about which is the mainline.

> Colin and myself currently are working primary on geeqie.org. It is
> most
> likely that this repository is the most current one.
I'll post in the issues if appropriate: the question I have at the
moment is that the about box seems woefully out of date, as is "geeqie
--version". I am fairly sure I am compiling master HEAD.

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