> I'll post in the issues if appropriate: the question I have at the
> moment is that the about box seems woefully out of date, as is "geeqie
> --version". I am fairly sure I am compiling master HEAD.
Hi Klaus

There have been quite a few updates to the repository recently, and 
maybe a few more to come from me - e.g. copy/move with thumbnail preview 
and simultaneous rename, additional search functions.

I think people may try to keep up to date by downloading the master 
rather than wait for a release, but that gives a problem when they 
report problems - what have they compiled?.

Is it a simple thing to use git hooks to run a command to update a file 
in the repo at each commit, so that the About window can show not just 
major/minor version, but also e.g. the output of "git describe" at the 
time the last commit was made?

If not, no problem.


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