> Am Mo den  2. Mai 2016 um 18:53 schrieb Josef Kufner:
>> Git hooks are not the right tool for this task. It is better to run `git
>> describe` during the build process to generate a version file, which
>> will be compiled in and shown by `geeqie --version`.
>> It is easy to automatically generate version.h with few #define
>> statements or something like that and include it wherever neccessary.
> Yes. That is also what I think about that.
> But there is a problem when people use the tarbal to build their
> version.
> So the version has to be in the checked out file. There is some substs
> that could be used eventually. But finally it has to be set with
> checkin, so a hook. Unfortunately for a hook, every developer has to
> have them in all the clones. There is no way to manage them within git.
> Nevertheless, it is easy to have just "master" in version information.

Tarball from Github contains root directory named geeqie-1.2.3. So there
is a reasonable fallback. Not perfect, but good enough.

Simply force generation of version.h during build and it will be fine.
Hooks are much more problematic. I use generated version info in all my
projects and it works very well.

My last Qt project used this in qmake project file:

  GIT_VERSION = $$system(git --git-dir $$PWD/.git --work-tree $$PWD \
        describe --always --tags)

It results in gcc -DGIT_VERSION=\"1.2.3\" ...

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