On Thu, Dec 17, 2015 at 8:10 PM, James Morris <jmor...@namei.org> wrote:
> David Howells (7):
>       Handle leap seconds in mktime64()

This one is completely wrong.

Leap seconds are inserted *at* the minute, not at the secodn before the minute.

So this code:

+       /* Handle leap seconds */
+       if (sec == 60)
+               sec = 59;

is just complete crap. Making the whole commit bogus and wrong.

The code did the right thing wrt leap seconds before, without having
any magical and incorrect special case. That commit makes it instead
have two seconds of xx:xx:59.

The fact that people add extra code to make things extra wrong is
annoying. The patch is marked as being cc'd to John Stultz, but I
assume it was never acked, because I doubt he would ack something like

To make things worse, this whole series seems to have existed for less
than one day, and then it was sent to me as a pull request, however
buggy and non-acked it was.

To make things EVEN *more* broken, this crap was marked for stable.

So there is no way in hell I am pulling this.

People, it's past rc5. Don't send me shit like this.

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