Hi everyone.

I just released new versions of Maverick and the opt packages.
The changelog from 2.2.0:

Version 2.2.2    [6/27/2004]

- Use Commons Logging instead of Log4J.
- Log the stacktrace when reloadConfig() throws a Configuration exception on
- A custom controller factory can now be provided. See the manual for an


Version 2.2.1    [virtual]

- Added support for URLs (http:, https:, file:, ftp:, jar:) as paths in
  XSL transforms. Also added support for monitoring 'file:' URLs and
  re-caching them upon change.
- Redirects now properly encode session ids in the URL (if necessary).

The only changes in the opt packages are the use of commons logging instead
of log4j. Opt-fop - that I use for several projects myself - also has a fix
for IE/ Acrobat 6 related (potential) troubles.

I updated the docs with a short desc of the custom controller factory and an
example of how it can be used, and I also added a short description of

Hope everyone has fun with it, and does not have too much trouble with
switching to commons logging (probably not judging from the list traffic).

Eelco Hillenius

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