On Sunday 07 May 2017 11:10:48 code dz wrote:
> btw the keyword (method) looks weird  , (sub) is much better or
> typical pascal (procedure , function) . its only my opinion ;)
I wanted to remove the distinction between "procedure" and "function", 
so "sub". Object procedures and functions have an implicit data pointer 
parameter ("self") so I thought that an own name ("method") is justified.
> also the attribuates mechanism really looks cool .
I plan to use method attributes for operator overloading too:
 complexty = object
  real,imm: flo64;
  method add(const a,b: complexty): complexty ['+'];
  method sub(const a,b: complexty): complexty ['-'];
  method mul(const a,b: complexty): complexty ['*'];
  method tostring8(const source: complexty): string8 [':='];


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