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>> Use only objects and change this syntax...
>> o1: ^obj5ty;
>> ...to this one
>> o1: obj5ty;
> Correct. Plus o1^.f1 <-> c1.f1 for access of heap instance elements and
> that "class" instances always are on heap.
> "class" is for people who are accustomed to Free Pascal. Do you think "class"
> should be removed?

I think every language should be as simple as possible.
So, if you can mix every Pascal concept in just one concept, called
object, it is better.

But if you care about programmers that came from another language and
you care if they are confortable using the same concepts they have in
another languages, it is up to you decide if it worth continue with
this concepts.

Classes should not exists in object-oriented programming. This is a
mistake. Only objects should exists.
I'm following and participate (more or less) of a new language called
EO https://github.com/yegor256/eo that do not have classes, NULL and
other things that should not exists in OOP.

Best regards,
Marcos Douglas

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