On Sunday 07 May 2017 16:18:09 Marcos Douglas B. Santos wrote:
> I think every language should be as simple as possible.
> So, if you can mix every Pascal concept in just one concept, called
> object, it is better.
> But if you care about programmers that came from another language and
> you care if they are confortable using the same concepts they have in
> another languages, it is up to you decide if it worth continue with
> this concepts.
> Classes should not exists in object-oriented programming. This is a
> mistake. Only objects should exists.

In MSElang "class" = "^object" on heap. So you mean there should be no object 
heap pointers but stack allocated objects only? I probably misunderstood.

> I'm following and participate (more or less) of a new language called
> EO https://github.com/yegor256/eo that do not have classes, NULL and
> other things that should not exists in OOP.
That looks a little bit abstract to me. A general purpose programming language 
should be handy and not necessarily academically clean.


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