Hi everyone,


I captured the attached recording at 11:39pm on April 24 in southwestern
Pennsylvania. I am wondering if this might be a Least Bittern. From what I
can find, presumed Least Bittern nocturnal calls seem to be somewhat
variable, with some higher pitched and some lower pitched, but all with a
similar nasal quality and duration that the attached recording seems to
share. This recording is certainly on the lower-pitched end of the spectrum
and doesn't completely match any Least Bittern examples I can find, though.
Thanks for any input.



I'm also posting here out of curiosity as to whether this list is still
active. It's been pretty quiet for a long time I don't mean just because it
was winter recently. Really nothing posted here last fall or so far this
spring. Has this list been more or less replaced by the NFC facebook group?





Geoff Malosh

Pittsburgh, PA





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