I'll try.  I wonder if it's because I'm running on
windows xp.  I should be getting the Visual C++ IDE
this week so I'll try to build everything.

Not sure if this is useful in helping debug things,
but when I first started outlook or the installer, it
complained about not having msvcp7d.dll and
msvcr7d.dll.  So I downloaded these files and put them
in the %SYSTEM% directory.  I'm not sure if the
downloaded dlls are compatible.

I'll looked in the .cpp files (I think mstore.cpp) and
noticed that where dbFilename was used, it is

I'll try to build the mstore32.dll file next week and
I'll let report my status.


--- "Kervin L. Pierre" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hello Tri,
> Sorry the installer did not work for you.
> I have never seen that "registering" error.
> It would be great if you could help us
> debug the install script in the future.
> Tri Nguyen wrote:
> > the variable "dbFilename" is being used without
> being
> > defined.
> > 
> Two things.
> Are you running outlook.exe under a debugger?
> Try downloading the latest CVS source and
> building / installing that.  The snapshot used
> the registry to keep that value, but the CVS
> currently uses the MAPI Profile.
> Best Regards,
> Kervin

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