Hello Tomáš,

Tomáš Hák wrote:
Our server (shortly)have  pop3/imap, ldap, webdav (not caldav) and
also we can import/export any in iCal. And we have (prepare) SDK for
groupware data access for free use.

Initially we plan CalDAV transports support
mainly.  Readonly support for iCal/HTTP eg.
Google calendar, should allow read-only
calendar access to many online services.

I'd recommend implementing CalDAV over your
SDK.  Your server already supports WebDAV,
plus would allow your users to use any
CalDAV client.

Look for a more solid release this week. We
are finishing up our first true 'Beta'

Because i need to connect with Outlook i want to cooperate with you. I
don't have idea how i do it and how MAPI works(i'm lama in MAPI now:)

Great! We'd appreciate the help.

I don't try open connector with any server yet. (Which one do you
recommend me for testing?) But i try to install a release ver. of

That's a problem that should go away hopefully
this week.  The only CalDAV server developed
enough to support the features we really on is
Oracle server.  Oracle has been nice enough to
let us test against it.

Cosmo 0.3 [ http://wiki.osafoundation.org/bin/view/Projects/CosmoDevelopmentHome ]
should be released this week as well, and will
support enough CalDAV for us to start testing
against.  So we should see a fully open-source
"stack" from that point.

provider" i don't know. in accounts a fill Calldav account into my
webdav space (but during my testing noting change on this place)

You'll need a CalDAV server to test against.

   mail by IMAP, but where i configure it?

We will rely on PST for mail initially.  We
only sync calendars.

   calendar by CalDAV (it is a Internet-Draft only now)

It's on last call.

-Plugin create separate data store (new data file ... what type?)

It's our own type.  Basically a SQLite database.

-what exactly do: (differences or something)
   MAPI Message Store Provider
   MAPI Transport Provider

Message store stores Outlook messages on
your computer. Eg. PST is the builtin
message store.  Transport provider provides
Outlook with the routines to communicate
with a remote server.

1) join to your project as a tester caldav and in this time implement
myself caldav server on my side

Best option by far I think.  You will also
gain the support of other clients that
support CalDAV.  There are a few in the
works, others that may follow.  For
instance Thunderbird users will see CalDAV
support early, it's already in testing.
Gnome Evolution users, etc.

Thanks for your interest in our project.

Best regards,

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