Hello Kervin,
Look for a more solid release this week. We
are finishing up our first true 'Beta'
I don't see any changes. :( Do you have official CVS or daily build anywhere?

Great! We'd appreciate the help.
I have some question sequent on my unsuccessful connection on cosmo server.
- i did test Cosmo with Sunbird and webdav works and caldav is
supported only subscribe not publishing - and i have not any other
data calendar source
1. do you have some test data for cosmo server
2. it will be usefull to release some blog with testing metod ... you
know i'm not sure if i have everything options defined right
for example:
- database file: "c:\aaa.pst"
- enable transport provider = not checked
- use master passwd = not checked
- master pass = ""
Acounts (only one)
name =  tom
type = CalDav
name = tom
username = tom
pass = xxx
default = checked
enabled = checked
3. openConnector publishing nothing :(
4. i watch on network interface by ethereal, but openconnector doesn't

5. is  necessary to have in openConnector tree (in outlook) "INBOX"


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